Shellfish menu
50g fresh shrimps from Smögen
3 Fine de Normandie ”pleine mer”
1 Dill boiled langoustine
50g B.A.R.’s smoked shrimps
White wine boiled mussels
½ boiled lobster
½ boiled crab
Rhode Island
Onion vinaigrette
Levain bread
Crisp bread

Cocktail snacks
Whitefish roe crustades
Ceviche cocktail
Smoked duck breast with pickles and rapeseed oil mayonnaise
Matie herring with red onion and sour cream
Raw marinated steak with peanut butter dressing and lettuce sprouts
Salmon tartare with avocado and chipotle mayonnaise
35:-/piece or all of them for 195:-

Dinner menu
Choose a starter:
Crab salad with pickled tomato, mayonnaise and sour dough bread
Chicken soup with truffle vinaigrette and ripe cheese

Choose a main course:
Oven baked cod with spice boiled fennel, fresh shrimps and beurre blanc
Oven grilled Swedish tenderized steak with vinegar roasted onion and smoked marrow

Choose a dessert:
B.A.R.’s Raspberry dessert with fresh raspberries and crumble
Chocolate cake with whipped Cream and berries
495:- for a three course menu


Today’s special with salad, bread & butter
96:- in a box