w.34 (Aug 19-23)
Mon: Roast beef with roasted potato salad and mustard vinaigrette
Tues: Oven fried saithe with capers mayonnaise and broccoli
Wed: Crispy chicken leg with caesar salad
Thur: Cod with green pea cream, dill and pickled cucumber
Fri: Herb roasted veal burger with roasted tomato and almond

w.35 (Aug 26-30)
Mon: Whole grilled loin of pork with tomato salad and garlic cream
Tues: Spice fried hake with roasted fennel, tomato and bell pepper mayonnaise
Wed: Lamb burger with thyme roasted beets and goat cheese
Thur: Cod with caraway, dill cucumber and Swedish ripe cheese cream
Fri: Asian crabcake with chili mayonnaise and crispy vegetables

w.36 (Sep 2-6)
Mon: B.A.R’s rib goulash wiht bell pepper, sour cream and steamed rice
Tues: Cod with mashed carrots, browned butter and sour cream
Wed: Beef burger with cream sauce, pickled gherkin and mashed potato
Thur: Steamed cod in coconut milk with green curry and crispy vegetables
Fri: Almond baked cod with lobster vinaigrette, tomato and olives

w.37 (Sep 9-13)
Mon: Pulled pork with chipotle mayonnaise, steamed rice and coriander
Tues: Haddock with Danish remoulad, crispy bread and broccoli
Wed: Chicken ”Ras el hanout” with roasted carrots and fresh cheese
Thur: Cod with vegetables Provencale in tomato sauce and feta
Fri: Veal burger with creamy polenta, beans and pork belly

115 sek or 100 sek take away