w.17 (April 22-26)
Mon: Easter Monday. Closed.
Tues: B.A.R’s pasta bolognese with basil and ripe cheese
Wed: Crispy chicken leg with curry remoulade and broccoli
Thur: Oven fried cod with shrimps, egg, smoked mayonnaise and cauliflower
Fri: Lamb”köfte” with pistachios, ajvar relish and tahini yoghurt

w.18 (April 29-May 3)
Mon: Grilled loin of pork with roasted garlic cream and tomato salad
Tues: Oven fried cod with capers mayonnaise, broccoli and lemon
Wed: Closed for lunch
Thur: Beef burger with green pepper sauce, pickled gherkin and mashed potato
Fri: Roasted chicken leg with green chili mayonnaise and corn tortilllas

w. 19 (May 6-10)
Mon: Roasted chicken leg with pasta pesto and ripe cheese
Tues: Haddock with apple, almonds, browned butter and potato puré
Wed: Veal burger with herb roasted tomatoes and sauce béarnaise
Thur: Hoisin roasted flitch of pork with sesame pickled cabbage and coriander
Fri: Pepper fried roastbeef with creamy potato salad, pickled tomato and cress

w.20 (May 13-17)
Mon: Grilled rib with spring salad and dijon vinaigrette
Tues: Cod with dill, hazelnuts, peas, browned butter and parsnip puré
Wed: Beef meatloaf with pickled cucumber, lingonberries, cream gravy and almond potato puré
Thur: Cod with chick pea cream, mint yoghurt and cous cous
Fri: Grilled steak tartar with ramson butter, beans and roasted potato

w.21 (May 20-24)
Mon: Grilled loin of pork with bean salad and chipotle mayonnaise
Tues: Steamed haddock with nettle velouté, cream baked egg and cauliflower
Wed: Crispy chicken legs with creamy polenta and grilled tomato
Thur: Cod with grilled butter and dill boiled carrots
Fri: Red wine braised rib with tarragon cream and potato puré

v.22 (27-31 maj)
Mon: Smoked BBQ loin of pork with roasted corn cob and cole slaw
Tues: Hake with zucchini, lemon, capers and olives
Wed: Chicken leg in green curry with crispy vegetables and coriander
Thur: Closed for lunch.
Fri: B.A.R’s lasagna with tomato salad and ripe cheese

115 sek or 100 sek take away