w.3 (Jan 18-19)
Thur: Grilled loin of pork with garlic butter and tomato salad
Fri: B.A.R’s wallenbergare with browned butter and peas

w.4 (Jan 22-26)
Mon: Ginger roasted loin of pork with apple and roasted onion
Tues: Cod with beets from Gotland, capers, horseradish and browned butter
Wed: Roasted chicken legs with curry, cauliflower and cress
Thur: European haddock with Jerusalem artichoke sauce, peas and pickled cucumber
Fri: Lamb burger with thyme roasted fennel and goat cheese cream

w.5 (Jan 29-Feb 2)
Mon: “Chinese” BBQ pork with chili mayonnaise and pickled vegetables
Tues: Oven fried hake with beans, tomato and chorizo
Wed: Juniper berry beef burger with syrup fried cabbage, lingonberries and potato purée
Thur: White wine simmered plaice with mussels, cucumber and pickled ginger
Fri: Chicken leg with smoked flitch of pork in mushroom bouillon and roasted cabbage

w.6 (Feb 5-9)
Mon: Roasted, flitch of pork confit with pickled pumpkin, puy lentils and ginger
Tues: Oven fried haddock with broccoli, capers mayonnaise and lemon
Wed: Bacon wrapped chicken with sage, creamy polenta and roasted tomato
Thur: Cod with smoked salmon, pickled onion and butter fried rye bread
Fri: Burger of game with green pepper sauce and pickled gherkin

w.7 (Feb 12-16)
Mon: Rib with berbere, steamed rice and citrus yoghurt
Tues: Oven fried cod with cream boiled cabbage and smoked pork belly
Wed: Plum stuffed loin of pork with cream sauce, pickled cucumber and currant jelly
Thur: Hake with roasted cauliflower and browned sage butter
Fri: B.A.R’s lasagna with ripe cheese and tomato

110 sek or 96 sek take away