w.3 (Jan 13-17)
Mon: B.A.R.s goulash with steamed rice and sour cream
Tues: Beef burger with fried onion, pickled gherkin and mashed potatoes
Wed: Steamed saithe i miso bouillon with green peas and coriander
Thur: Jerk spiced chicken leg with a bean salad and yoghurt
Fri: Saithe with boiled carrots and buttered mussel bouillon

W.4 (Jan 20-24)
Mon: Spicy lamb casserole with bulgur and yoghurt
Tues: Cod with browned butter, horseradish and shrimps
Wed: Veal burger with sage, penne pasta, tomato sauce and ripe cheese
Thur: Hake with couscous salad, mint and cucumber yoghurt
Fri: Crispy chicken legs in sesame bouillon with ginger and coriander

w.5 (Jan 27-31)
Mon: B.A.R’s chili of oxen with coco beans and coriander
Tues: Oven fried cod with creamy baked egg, rapeseed mayonnaise and butter fried rye bread
Wed: Meatloaf of oxen with green pepper sauce and haricôts verts
Thur: Fennel roasted European pollack with tarragon mayonnaise and grilled tomato
Fri: B.A.R’s wallenbergare (veal burger) with browned butter, peas, lingonberries and potato puré

120 sek or 105 sek take away