w.7 (Feb 10-14)
Mon: Red wine braised rib with mushrooms and pickled onion
Tues: Oven fried salmon with dill mayonnaise, peas and lemon
Wed: Beef burger with lingonberries, cream gravy and potato puré
Thur: Roasted chicken leg with Dijon mustard, white wine, tarragon and steamed rice
Fri: Almond baked haddock with lobster gravy, fennel and tomato

w.8 (Feb 17-21)
Mon: Beer braised rib with Jamaica pepper, carrot and pickled beetroots
Tues: Haddock with grilled tomato and bell pepper mayonnaise
Wed: Beef burger wiht syrup fried cabbage, pickled gherkin and mashed potato
Thur: Roasted chicken with pasta, mushroom, cream sauce and ripe cheese
Fri: European pollack with herbs, hazelnut butter, pork belly and green beans

w.9 (24-28 feb)
Mån: Rib casserole with chorizo and bell pepper
Tis: Cod with curry remoulad and steamed broccoli
Ons: Veal burger with tomato, leek, almonds and roasted garlic cream
Tor: Haddock with zucchini, capers, olives and lemon butter
Fre: B.A.R’s crab cakes with coconut bouillon, coriander and crispy vegetables

120 sek or 105 sek take away