w.21 (May 22-26)
Mon: Tender baked loin of pork with grilled tomato salsa and roasted potato
Tues: Cod with mushroom mayonnaise and roasted cauliflower
Wed: Burger of oxen with grilled romaine lettuce, ripe cheese and anchovy dressing
Thur: Closed for lunch
Fri: Thinly sliced roastbeef with potato salad, capers, pork belly and grilled onion

w.22 (May 29-June 2)
Mon: Dill gravlax with spring salad and mustard sauce
Tues: Lamb burger with rosemary and Greek potato salad
Wed: Maple syrup glazed chicken drumstick with fennel coleslaw
Thur: Cod with maties herring, egg, fried rye bread and brown butter
Fri: Wallenbergare with peas, lingonberries and potato purée

w.23 (June 5-9)
Mon: Beer braised loin of pork with pickled gherkin and mashed potato
Tues: Closed for lunch
Wed: Veal burger with herbs, penne pasta and tomato sauce
Thur: Hake with salad Niçoise, creamy dressing and levain crutons
Fri: Whole fried steak with roasted asparagus and sauce béarnaise

w.24 (June 12-16)
Mon: Crispy tender baked pork belly with ceasar salad and asparagus
Tues: Haddock with herbs, smoked salmon, brown butter and potato purée
Wed: Lamb köfte with ajvar, tahini yoghurt and bouillon boiled rice
Thur: Roasted chicken leg with curry remoulade and broccoli
Fri: B.A.R’s salmon pudding with beurre blanc and pickled cucumber

110 sek or 96 sek take away