B.A.R. is directed by the award-winning chefs and gastronomic visionairs Peter Johansson, Annette Johansson and Daniel Frick.

At the Ocean Grill guests are welcome to participate in the creation of their own meals, by stepping up to the fish tank or ice counter to choose among a wide variety of fresh fish, meat, seafood, seasonal vegetables and condiments. Our guests can fully request ingredients and the preparation of their dinner. Pick out a meal from scratch or choose one of B.A.R.s set courses, suggested to fit the season and the harmony of the different flavours.

B.A.R. is a venue available, suitable and affordable for every situation. Serving uncomplicated, delicious fresh food in a timeless restaurant bistro concept at the heart of the city, constantly flowing with colleagues, friends and acquaintances stopping by to mingle, have a drink, and a bite to eat.